Date Posted
8th Apr 2020


As a way to connect football players from all parts of the world, Norwest United FC and Waitakere City FC are very excited to announce that we’re challenging some of our friends in Canada to a ‘Football at Home Skills Competition’. Fusion FC, Richmond Girls Soccer Association, Killarney Football Club and the Italian Cultural Soccer Fedeation have all accepted the challenge! Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be uploading videos on our social media accounts of the best skills that players from each club have to offer!


Challenge #1


Objective: Volley a ball into a target (i.e. trash can, laundry basket, backpack, basketball hoop, goal, tire). The trick is to be as creative as possible in getting the ball from point a (you) to the target. We will announce the winner on our club's social media platforms. Winner will be the most creative video as decided by the judges.