Date Posted
10th Nov 2020

Fathers Day Raffle Results

Our Fathers Day Raffle has been drawn and the results are below.

Congratulations to all the winners, you will be contacted shortly on how to collect you prize.

Thank you to everyone who supported this.

1st prize WINNER:  #2790 - Kevin Bentley

2nd prize WINNER: #2258 - Marley Hansell

3rd prize WINNER: #1229 - Patrick Pendergast

4th prize WINNER: #1853 - Paul Jarvie

5th prize WINNER: #3241 - Simon Martelli

6th prize WINNER: #1036 - Tanya Bryan

7th prize WINNER: #2161 - Mike Mcdowell

8th prize WINNER: #1763 - A. Grounds

9th prize WINNER: #3075 - Cliff Lambert

10th prize WINNER: #2259 - Marley Hansell.