First Kicks

First kicks football is for our youngest members of 4 to 6 years old. First Kicks has been developed to introduce all young players to the essential skills of football. Its during these early years having fun and creating friends that they fall in love with the game. At WCFC we follow the Whole of Football program and NZF Junior Framework outlined by New Zealand Football. Both program booklets can be read by clicking on the below links.


NZ Football Whole of Football plan.

NZ Football Junior Framework.


We produce every year a First Kicks Program Booklet which has all the information you should need for the year at Waitakere City Football Club. Download by clicking on the image.


Key focus at this age:

Tonnes of positive social interaction and enjoyment.
Plenty of exercises with time on a ball, 1v1s, close ball control and introducing them to all the technical skills of football. 
Making them aware of the tactical ideas of Attacking and Defending and letting them explore the ideas as they develop.
Working together on their physical development using game play to introduce players to a range of movement patterns.
Giving all kids plenty of involvement in games and good encouragement.


Trainings are Wednesday’s 4:30pm - 5:30pm. 

First training will be March 28th.


Games are Saturday’s 8:00am - 9:00am.

Season kicks off Sat May 2nd.


All training and games for this age will be held at Fred Taylor Park. 





All players will train and play in house as they develop. 

Teams will be generally be 3v3 or 4v4 depending on the age. These teams will be sorted on the day allowing the kids to play with and against everyone else in their grade.

Games will most likely require parent helpers to manage some of the games. The grade coach will generally organise this on the day.




Fields for games are approximately 25m x 15m depending on numbers. 4th, 5th and 6th grade all play with size 3 ball.

Trainings will run by the lead coach of each grade and delivered according to the Whole of Football plan and NZF Junior framework. 

Game days will consist of 4x 15 min small sided games. These should be a safe space where the kids are allowed to make mistakes and learn.



Basic rules.

All players are encouraged to enjoy themselves and not be afraid to try something new. Emphasis is on involvement and participation across all the activities.

At this age there are no throw in’s or goal kicks or corners. Coaches (or parent helpers) are encouraged to play a new ball in when one goes out or when a goal is scored.

There are no free kicks awarded in First Kicks but Coaches, in stopping the game, can use their discretion to ask / explain a better technique to tackle.

All players should be involved in games and there shouldn’t be any need for subs at these grade’s.

Positive behavior, great football and trying something new should be encouraged. 



Parents and supporters.

All parents and supporters should watch the games from the sidelines instead of behind the goals.

Positive encouragement and cheering makes for a great atmosphere for the kids.

WCFC expects parents and supporters not to use negative comments. This is not the world cup!




Waitakere City FC invites anyone who wants to get involved in coaching or just as a parent helper to attend NZF coach education.

We can assist anyone who has a passion for teaching the kids to help them on their way through the coaching program. 

For more information see here.



WCFC Team Shirts.

Waitakere City FC Team playing shirts are available to buy at the Club shop here.

Every First Kicks player wears the same Lotto black shirt, black shorts and black socks. 




Michiel Gorter: First Kicks & Fun Football Coordinator

021 116 1658

Richard Petley: First Kicks & Fun Football Coordinator (Administration)

022 670 1944